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Love Makin' Friends

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Intro to Meeeee!~~<3 [11 Feb 2008|11:23pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Name: Imogene Belle Eve

Age: 19

Sex: Female~~<3

Home: USofA

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Biking, Scootering, Drawing, Wandering, Drinking coffee

Fav Color: Jade Green

Fav Food: Chocolate Pudding

Like Anime: of course

Like Computers: sure

Like Video Games: yah

5 Fav Movies: (**not top favs, of course?**)
1. Sunshine
2. P.S. I love You
3. Singing in the Rain
4. Ratatouille
5. Ben-Hur

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. Sweeney Todd
2. Travis
3. Our Lady Peace
4. Keeley Smith
5. Natalie Cole

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. How I Met Your Mother
2. Bones
3. House
4. Psych
5. The Office

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. Johnny Depp
2. Spencer Tracy
3. Keira Knightly
4. Danny Kaye
5. James Cagney

Opening Words and thoughts:

hmmmm.....i'm shy. i want friends (hence the joining of this community =P). i like being random. <333 ask and ye shall know~~<3

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[18 Nov 2007|11:02pm]

Name: Alex

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Home: UK

Hobbies: I read alot, I play the guitar (very badly mind you!), I write fragments of things which will one day, I'm sure, become epic novels :P

Fav Color: Red (?)

Fav Food: Hmm, I really like Indian food of all description. XD

Like Anime: I'm more of a comic gal, but my friend lent me the first...6 volumes of Fushigi Yugi by Yu Watase which I thought was pretty amazing, so any opinions on what to go for next would be great :)

Like Computers: Yeshh. I spend a fair amount of time on the internet, I play WoW (World Of Warcraft) and in a rather odd turn of events computer Solitaire seems to be owning my soul recently! :D

Like Video Games: Yeah, but as I said ^^ with regards to gaming most of my time is spent on WoW, which doesn't leave much time for console gaming. However, I do love abit of Crash Team Racing hehe, and I've played on my friends Wii, which I thought was genius. *wants*

5 Fav Movies:
1. The Crow
2. East Of Eden
3. My Own Private Idaho
4. Elephant
5. 12 Angry Men

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
(this is the hardest question evahhh!)
1. HIM
2. Nirvana
3. AFI
4. Gallows
5. Still Remains

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. Heroes
2. Sugar Rush
3. Father Ted
4. Blackadder
5. Gilmore Girls

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. James Dean
2. Kurt Cobain
3. Ville Valo
4. Davey Havok
5. Russell Brand

Opening Words and thoughts:
Heylo nice LJ people *nervous wave* I'm currently studying at Nottingham Uni doing English, and when I was meant to be reading things about the Shakespearean stage (etc) I realised how incredibly few LJ friends I have and thought I'd try to remedy this - a far better use of my time, methinks! I like to think I'm a nice girl, so yeah hope to talk to you soon =]

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[19 Nov 2007|04:43pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Name: Sam

Age: 15 almost 16

Sex: Female

Home: Florida

Hobbies: I’m a compulsive reader. Writing, photography, music, films and art are also rad.

Fav Color: Purple

Fav Food: Pasta

Like Anime: Some if it. Most of it I find stupid but I like ‘Gravitation’ and ‘Loveless’.

Like Computers: Yes.

Like Video Games: Yup, ‘Final Fantasy’, ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and ‘Silent Hill’ mainly

5 Fav Movies:
1. Velvet Goldmine
2. Gypsy 83
3. Requiem for a Dream
4. Fight Club
5. Party Monster

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. Bright Eyes
2. Placebo
3. Jamisonparker
4. My Chemical Romance
5. Spring Awakening

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
2. Supernatural
3. Project Runway
4. CSI: Las Vegas
5. America’s Next Top Model

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. Jared Leto
2. Davey Havok
3. Edward Norton
4. Tim Burton
5. Johnny Depp ( I dislike ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ though. ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘From Hell’ ^_^

Opening Words and thoughts:
My journal is friends only but I’ll friend just about anyone. Keep in mind I will not tolerate homophobia or racism. I update often and comment as well. I also love comments back and chatting with people about anything/everything.

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enter erin [17 Nov 2007|02:58pm]

Name: Erin


Sex: female

Home: nor. California

Hobbies: writing,reading,finding new music to listen to,theater (behind stage), and films.

Fav Color: grey

Fav Food: avacados

Like Anime: sort of. I have only read and watched a couple but recently a friend of mind has recommended a few to try to get into.

Like Computers: me and my MacBook are involved.

Like Video Games: im so bad at them but that doesn't stop me from playing.

5 Fav Movies:
1. Rules of Attraction
2. Drop Dead Fred
3. Battle Royale
4. Equilibrium
5. Mermaids (haha!)

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. Nine Inch Nails
2. Daft Punk
3. Uffie
4. Xiu Xiu
5. Placebo

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. Law and Order SVU
2. The Mighty Boosh
3. The Hills
4. The Deadliest Catch
5. almost anything on discovery or history channel

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. Trant Reznor
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Rachel McAdams
4. Dita Von Teese
5. Perez Hilton

Opening Words and thoughts: I really am looking for someone who emails back quickly...well at least regularly not just eventually. This is something to do to for fun so i am not always work and school oriented.

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DeadLockedStoic [26 Nov 2006|09:03am]

[ mood | blah ]





Hobbies:Movies, Music, Reading, Livejournal

Fav Color:Orange

Fav Food:Pizza

Like Anime:no

Like Computers:Hell yeah.</p> They are my life force.

Like Video Games:Oh Yeah.</p> I saving up for a Xbox 360 so I can play Fable 2.

5 Fav Movies:
1.Return of the Living Dead
2.Land of the Dead
3.Donnie Darko
4.A Midsummer Night's Dream
5.Rocky Horror Picture Show
I like pretty much every movie I watch and I watch alot.
5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
2.Linkin Park
4.Depeche Mode
5.The Postal Service
There are so many more.
5 Fav TV Shows:
1.Spongebob Squarepants
2.Invader Zim
I don't really watch anything other than cartoons.
5 Fav Celebrities:
1.Christian Bale
2.Channing Tatum
3.Scarlet Johansson
4.Bruce Willis
5.Daniel Craig

Opening Words and thoughts:It's so hard to describe myself. I am the way I am. I usually post at least once a week. I work and go to school. I in the culinary program at Robert Morris College. I work at a hardware store.

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[13 Jul 2006|10:58pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Name: olga

Age: 16

Sex: female

Home: koenigsberg

Hobbies: music, playing guitar, hanging out in nowhere..can't think of any more

Fav Color: blue, black, red, pink

Fav Food: ---

Like Anime: nope

Like Computers: yeah sometimes

Like Video Games: nope

5 Fav Movies:
1. dancer in the dark
2. donnie darko
3. lost and delirious
4. requiem for a dream
5. fucking amal

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. mudvayne
2. slipknot
3. one minute silence
4. system of a down
5. bob marley

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. south park
2. simpsons
3. sponge bob
4. ---
5. ---

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. a. hopkins
2. jack nicholson
3. jello biafra
4. ien mccay
5. ---

Opening Words and thoughts: add me if you feel like this. comment in my friends only entry. [well im not sure if all that stuff sounds interesting to you.

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[25 Jun 2006|11:45pm]

Probably you'll like it

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[25 Jun 2006|01:06am]

Name: Karl

Age: 19

Sex: M

Home: Somewhere in Sweden

Hobbies: Listening to music, hanging out in my room

Fav Color: None really

Fav Food: -

Like Anime: Used to

Like Computers: Yeah, I download music and play world of warcraft sometimes.

Like Video Games: I have a ps2, but not crazy about it. I love Final Fantasy though.

5 Fav Movies:
*. Donnie Darko
*. Fucking Åmål (Show me love)
*. Ghost World
*. Hero
*. Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
*. Frank Zappa
*. The Smiths/Morrissey
*. Nick Drake
*. Parrish Hall
*. Marduk

5 Fav TV Shows:
*. CSI
*. Simpsons
*. Family Guy
*. Drew Carry Show
*. -

5 Fav Celebrities: I absolutely hate the celebrity-culture but these are people whose opinions has influenced my life.
*. George Carlin
*. David Cross
*. Frank Zappa
*. Morrissey
*. Michael Moorse I guess

Opening Words and thoughts: I have a none-existing social life, both online and in real life. Just looking for some friends, thats all. Atleast someone to talk to.
I couldn't possible name top five so I just named 5 of my favourites in no special order.

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got another one for you. [06 Jun 2006|02:21am]

this is the longest new-kid survey i've seen tonight. good thing i love surveys.Collapse )

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[27 May 2006|03:55pm]

Name: Kylie
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Home: Australia
Hobbies: Movies, reading, music, chatting
Fav Color: Pink
Fav Food: Hot chips
Like Anime: Not really
Like Computers: Yes
Like Video Games: I loved my Atari when I was 10, if that counts =p

5 Fav Movies:
1. Labyrinth
2. Rocky Horror Picture Show
3. Stars Wars!!
4. Dogma
5. The Shining

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. Smashing Pumkpins
2. Nirvana
3. Placebo
4. The Beatles
5. The Violent Femmes

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. Home & Away
4. The Wiggles
5. Friends

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. Hugh Grant
2. Reese Witherspoon
3. Jack Nicholson
4. Johnny Depp
5. James Marsters

Opening Words and thoughts: Feel free to add me =) Just comment on my Friends Only post and I'll add you back! Just be warned, I update quite a bit =p

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newwwb [07 May 2006|04:27pm]


Name: Charli

Age: 18

Sex: Femaaaale

Home: South London, England

Hobbies: Gigging it, going out generally

Fav Color: i like them all

Fav Food: indian, chocolate, chinese....foreign food is yum. traditional english too.

Like Anime: no

Like Computers: yeah

Like Video Games: no

5 Fav Movies:
1. quadrophenia
2. donnie darko
3. napolean dynamite
4. the edukators
5. blah

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. blink 182
2. the kinks
3. buzzcocks
4. green day
5. panic! at the disco...theres far too may too list in just 5

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. green wing
2. e.r
3. greys anatomy
5. trashy mtv stuff...lol

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. none

Opening Words and thoughts: 
bit of a randomer. bit dopey, bit odd. isn't everyone?

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[10 Mar 2006|10:52pm]

Name: Ashley

Age: 16

Sex: F

Home: USA

Hobbies: Photography, movie watching, music listening

Fav Color: Red, Black, White, pastels

Fav Food: Not sure

Like Anime: No

Like Computers: Yeah

Like Video Games: No

5 Fav Movies:
1. Stand By Me
2. My Own Private Idaho
3. Adventures in Babysitting
4. Moonwalker
5. Home Alone 2

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. Michael Jackson
2. Jackson 5/Jacksons
3. Duran Duran
4. Aleka's Attic
5. The Temptations

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. Will & Grace
2. Queer As Folk
3. Cosby Show
4. Family Ties
5. Seinfeld

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. Michael Jackson
2. River Phoenix
3. Duran Duran

Opening Words and thoughts: Nice to meet ya!

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[15 Nov 2005|01:53am]

[ mood | hyper ]

hey peoples
i'm kari
from ontario, canada
currently in college for cyw..blahhh lol

music: nirvana, system, jack off jill, eminem, beatles, ozzy, marilyn manson....
tv shows: simpsons, family guy, er, csi.....

if you wanna add me go ahead :)


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[28 Sep 2005|04:48pm]


Hey all!  Come and check out my unique LJ.  What's so unique about it?  It's all completly fictional!  The LJ is told from the point of view of 4 main characters who take turns writing in the journal.  Go to my user info page (tkrd) for more info!  </span>



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Newbie [11 Sep 2005|08:47pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi Everyone!!!

Name: Alexandra

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Home: New York (Born and Raised) and New Jersey (College, Dorm)

Hobbies: Figure Skating, Hanging out with my friends, Listening to music, Going to the beach

Fav Color: Navy Blue

Fav Food: Pickles, I know weird haha

Like Anime: Nope

Like Computers: I like my laptop and thats about it

Like Video Games: Nope

5 Fav Movies:
1. The Terminator
2. The Rock
3. The Princess Bride
4. The Craft
5. Rose Red

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. The Wallflowers
2. Bruce Springsteen
3. Fiona Apple
4. Bon Jovi
5. Angie Aparo (Its a guy)

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. Law&Order:SVU
2. Law&Order
3. CSI
4. CSI: Miami

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. George Eads (CSI)
2. Jeremy Northam (My LJ Icon)
3. David Caruso (CSI:Miami)
4. Mariska Harighty (SVU)
5. Marg Helenberg (CSI)

Opening Words and thoughts: I will add you if you add me.  I will update my journal daly.  If you comment I will comment.  I am shy in real life but I do confess a lot of stuff on my journal.

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[04 Sep 2005|10:31pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi everybody! I'm new to this community... so here I introduce myself...

Name: Christine Jolanta... just call me Chrissi

Age: 16... nearly 17

Sex: Female

Home: Heidelberg/Baden-Württemberg/Germany

Hobbies: Music, Friends, Pen Pals, Cinema, To Chat, Animals, Reading, Writing, Soccer

Fav Color: Black, Violet, Green, Red

Fav Food: /

Like Anime: /

Like Computers: /

Like Video Games: /

5 Fav Movies:
1. Cruel Intentions
2. Harry Potter series
3. Nightmare before Christmas
4. /
5. /

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. The Killers
2. Rooney
3. Ashlee Simpson
4. Nelly Furtado
5. Patrice

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. The OC
2. Malcolm in the Middle
3. /
4. /
5. /

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. Adam Brody
2. Tom Felton
3. Alice Schwarzer
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Nina Hagen

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[04 Sep 2005|11:29am]

Hey! My name is Aralyn. Yes, its unique! I am one of 3 children. I have an older brother, Greg who is 21. And a younger sister, Sabrina who is 15. My mom was only 16 when she had Greg. And, is PREGNANT again! She's having a baby girl. She is due November 5,2005!! My life has been a mess. I have moved so many times. And, its never just to another town, but to another state. I've lived in North Carolina, California, Rhode Island, Alabama, Florida, Maine, and now I live in New Hampshire with my Mom, Step-Dad, and sister Sabrina. My dads in jail. He killed my Step-Mom right in-front of me and my brother when lived with him in Rhode Island (we were 11 and 15). My mom is one of 10 I have nine uncles and seven aunts! Yes, it's a big family. But, They all live in either North or South Carolina, Florida, Georgia or Virginia.

So, I am in desperate need of some friends that, if I move again, will "move with me".

Add me?? Please? Look at my userinfo paige to learn a little more about me.


x-posted,sorry if you see it in another community

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Hi I'm new.. [13 Aug 2005|07:02pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Name: Ali

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Home: Wakefield/Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Hobbies: Writing, reading, films, music, socialising {although that seldom happens lately}

Fav Colour: Blue or black

Fav Food: Seafood

Like Anime: No it scares me

Like Computers: They're ok. Wouldn't be doing this without one would I?

Like Video Games: Ehh, they're ok.

5 Fav Movies:
1. The Exorcist
2. Passion of the Christ
3. The Lord of the Rings
4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
5. 28 Days Later

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. Iron Maiden
2. Megadeth
3. Metallica
4. HammerFall
5. Carpathian Forest

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. Hollyoaks
2. Simpsons
3. ... some comedies
4. -
5. -

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. Euronymous from Mayhem
2. Fenriz from Darkthrone {so nihilistic}
3. Sylvia Plath
4. -
5. -

Opening Words and thoughts: I doubt anyone would bother to reply to me, they don't in real life so why here? But if ya do, that's cool.

Ali x

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[16 Jul 2005|11:32pm]

[Hereford] ( Chav City)
[Music] System of a down..greenday..simple plan... distrubed.. MCR...papa roach..inme... the killers... keane... ill nino... umm many more.. =D
[pic of me] www.faceparty.com/secretly-lost yer i know im ugly.. i get you...

[Movies] The Sweetest Thing..Halloween Resurrection..Interview With A Vampire..Peter Pan..Toy Story 1/2.... Lion King...

Call me a child i dont know if i am but yes go ahead.. i love wearin stupid clothin as it makes me feel as if im worth myself.. i dont know if my makeup is pretty or what...oh and im also 2 dumb to figure out how 2 put pics on here... but oh well if u wanna know more add me then... yer??

please comment to be added please

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Different Kind of LJ [23 Jun 2005|10:47pm]


Hi all.  I'm slightly new to LJ, but I'd like to tell you all about my LJ...it's a little different than most because mine is all fiction.  What I mean is I'm telling a story in blog form.  It's really quite neat and you should check it out.


tkrd <--Here's the link

BTW, if you add me I'll add you back ;O)


PS This isn't a community :O)

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