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Name: Alex

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Home: UK

Hobbies: I read alot, I play the guitar (very badly mind you!), I write fragments of things which will one day, I'm sure, become epic novels :P

Fav Color: Red (?)

Fav Food: Hmm, I really like Indian food of all description. XD

Like Anime: I'm more of a comic gal, but my friend lent me the first...6 volumes of Fushigi Yugi by Yu Watase which I thought was pretty amazing, so any opinions on what to go for next would be great :)

Like Computers: Yeshh. I spend a fair amount of time on the internet, I play WoW (World Of Warcraft) and in a rather odd turn of events computer Solitaire seems to be owning my soul recently! :D

Like Video Games: Yeah, but as I said ^^ with regards to gaming most of my time is spent on WoW, which doesn't leave much time for console gaming. However, I do love abit of Crash Team Racing hehe, and I've played on my friends Wii, which I thought was genius. *wants*

5 Fav Movies:
1. The Crow
2. East Of Eden
3. My Own Private Idaho
4. Elephant
5. 12 Angry Men

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
(this is the hardest question evahhh!)
1. HIM
2. Nirvana
3. AFI
4. Gallows
5. Still Remains

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. Heroes
2. Sugar Rush
3. Father Ted
4. Blackadder
5. Gilmore Girls

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. James Dean
2. Kurt Cobain
3. Ville Valo
4. Davey Havok
5. Russell Brand

Opening Words and thoughts:
Heylo nice LJ people *nervous wave* I'm currently studying at Nottingham Uni doing English, and when I was meant to be reading things about the Shakespearean stage (etc) I realised how incredibly few LJ friends I have and thought I'd try to remedy this - a far better use of my time, methinks! I like to think I'm a nice girl, so yeah hope to talk to you soon =]
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