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got another one for you.

Name: Madison

Age: 18

Sex: f

Home: MD

Hobbies: reading, writing, singing, walking, swimming, crafts: altered books, hemp, macrame, icons, calligraphy.

Fav Color: silver, brown, blue, green, grey.

Fav Food: chocolate; cheese; jerky

Like Anime: not as much as i used to, no. but i'm familiar with a few series.

Like Computers: not as much as some people, but enough to be agitated by having to use dialup at my dad's house.

Like Video Games: no. i beat final fantasy tactics on the gameboy advance, and i played sims and star wars somethingorother on the xbox. BUT. i don't plan to play any more video games any time soon.

5 Fav Movies:
1. hmmm. rent.
2. princess bride
3. supersize me
4. lord of the rings (just 1 and 2. 3 was just redundant.)
5. god, i don't know--i don't watch movies so much. hbo standup comedian specials are good, though--robin williams especially.

5 Fav Bands/Solo Artists/Musicals:
1. rent.
2. tick, tick... BOOM
3. tori amos etc
4. celtic anything
5. simon & garfunkel etc.

5 Fav TV Shows:
1. house
2. simpsons
3. family guy
4. futurama
5. invader zim (yeah, i loves me some cartoons)

5 Fav Celebrities:
1. er. neil gaiman
2. terry pratchett
3. stephen king
4. hugh laurie
5. god, i don't know. adam pascal.

Opening Words and thoughts: er.... hey. i really am interesting; it's just a non-open-ended survey and lack of sleep deprivation.
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