lost_in_ur_tear (lost_in_ur_tear) wrote in lonely_kids,

[Hereford] ( Chav City)
[Music] System of a down..greenday..simple plan... distrubed.. MCR...papa roach..inme... the killers... keane... ill nino... umm many more.. =D
[pic of me] www.faceparty.com/secretly-lost yer i know im ugly.. i get you...

[Movies] The Sweetest Thing..Halloween Resurrection..Interview With A Vampire..Peter Pan..Toy Story 1/2.... Lion King...

Call me a child i dont know if i am but yes go ahead.. i love wearin stupid clothin as it makes me feel as if im worth myself.. i dont know if my makeup is pretty or what...oh and im also 2 dumb to figure out how 2 put pics on here... but oh well if u wanna know more add me then... yer??

please comment to be added please
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